YouR PSL Mentorship

In order to strengthen the links between teams, campuses and institutions of PSL University, and to decently welcome new young researchers, we would like to organize a mentoring/buddying of newcomers (PhD students, postdocs, interns, foreigners).

Over time, this wille be a vast network of friends and mutual aid developed between the University’s institutions and generations.

Have you been at PSL for a while? Mentor a newcomer!

What are you committed to? To discover a person outside your team, to accompany him every two weeks, and more if affinities. If you are interested, then fill out this form, we really need you!

Don’t hesitate to run the information in your lab:)

New at PSL University?

Find a mentor by filling this form.

Benefits to Mentor – Mentee Pairs:

  • You will benefit from a more rewarding experience at your university
  • Mentee, Mentor, mentor of a mentor… All this initiates a large family that allows you to have privileged access to researchers at different levels of their career
  • Some Events are organized especially for you!
  • A mentor-mentee pair will be able to benefit from a reduced rate for some of our paid events (trips, parties for example)