About us

YouR PSL is an association bringing researchers together from all institutions within Paris Sciences & Lettres (PSL) University. It aims to promote dialogue between researchers from different academic and cultural backgrounds. YouR PSL connects Master’s students, PhD candidates, and post-doctoral researchers and facilitates exchanges and projects around their fields of interest.

Beyond promoting connections and its networking activities, YouR PSL encourages the application of academic research to the business world (e.g., linking its members to entrepreneurial opportunities). The life of a researcher is not limited to the academic world; it can further be extended to entrepreneurship. Not only does YouR PSL aims for a better integration of the researcher into the world of research but also maps out how to emancipate from it where suitable.

Our aims are to:

  • Propose campus events to institutions without associations;
  • Create a network of young researchers from different PSL institutions;
  • Connect you with other French and foreign universities;
  • Facilitate the integration of foreigners into PSL;
  • Propose a wide range of social and/or cultural activities;
  • Improve the professional integration of PhDs;
  • Raise awareness about entrepreneurship and support your projects, clubs and PSL initiatives.

This is the right time to join the association, we are organizing more and more events where your presence will guarantee success!