The Entrepreneurship department was created in 2019 with a vision to promote Entrepreneurship as a career choice to researchers of PSL. The actions are designed to provide access to the elements of entrepreneurship and become a platform for early-stage innovators to network with key stakeholders within the PSL and Paris ecosystem.
We collaborate with PSL Valorization and p2i to organize events. PSL Valorization is the technology transfer office based within PSL. They support PSL research teams with identifying and/or protection of intellectual property (IP) rights, patent filing, funding projects through proof-of-concept and creation of companies. Postdocs to innovators (p2i) is our international partner who is a consortium of the main ecosystems of Europe including Paris, Berlin, Cambridge, Innsbruck and Edinburgh. This association organizes events throughout the year for postdocs to access and enhance their skills in entrepreneurship.
At YourPSL we organize activities focused towards creating motivation, identifying mentors, gathering resources or knowledge on different aspects of entrepreneurship, competing in business competitions and networking.

List of events organized at different time points are listed:

  • Testimony event
  • Workshop
  • Business Competitions
  • Resource sharing